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Designed & Made in Cape Town

Balance Bike

The BooToo Balance push bike for toddlers is now available throughout South Africa. Proudly MADE IN SA.

This balance bike/scooter/push bike is too much fun. Chunky wheels that are quiet. Precision crafted wooden frame. 

Enough style to turn a hipster green and this kids bike nice and lightweight too.  Just add toddler.

This push bike is suitable for kids from ages 2.5  to 5 years and has an adjustable saddle height.  Saddle height from 35cm to 39cm off floor level.

Scooter, toddler bicycle, push bike and balance bike are some of the terminology used to describe this.

Advantages of the BooToo Balance Push Bike:

Quiet - even indoors its wheels are silent.

Safety steering -  the Bootoo toddler balance bike has limiters that will stop the front wheel from pivoting a full 90 degrees.

Lightweight- well balanced weight means it will not hurt your child if the bike tips over onto them and it is easier for parents to carry.

Tough -  Improvements to every part of our bikes over the past 3 years means that Bootoo Bikes are tougher than ever. All terrain :)

Design - Children's toys and bikes do not have too look ridiculous and clutter your beautiful home. This has charm, grace and dignity. 

Local - support South African business and innovation.

Sustainable - by not making our frames from plastic we are not adding to landfill. FSC Baltic Birch plywood is used throughout.

Note: We do not have a brake on our bikes. The brakes used on most (not all) balance bikes are not suited to the size of toddlers hands.

Because toddlers cannot reach the brake lever with their smaller hands, they do not use them. This makes the brake lever and mechanism redundant and merely a marketing tool. At this age a toddler will use their feet as brakes so shoes or sandals are recommended for inclines. Granted, once a child is older they should have brakes and pedals. SAFETY IS MOST IMPORTANT.


Scroll down to see our video of the BooToo Bikes in action.

Wooden Balance Bike in Pink

Wooden Balance Bike in Pink

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Push Bike Black and White