Wooden Balance Bikes, Educational Toys & Children's Furniture 
Designed & Made in Cape Town

Who is BooToo?

Bootoo (Pty) Ltd designs and manufactures wooden toys of the highest quality and was born on the slopes of Table Mountain in Cape Town, South Africa. Only 500 meters from where the real inspiration for our finely crafted products was born. Our twin boys Alex and James inspire us to create incredible toys. They are also our first line of concept approval. . 


We are hands on. Simply put, you cannot fully understand a wooden toy or educational product unless you have sat on the floor and watched a child use it, crafted it by hand in a workshop to better its fabrication or packed and un-packed the finely crafted parts to assemble with ease. 


All products are designed by Daniel Jillings. He is a highly qualified and experienced Industrial Designer and father of Alex and James.

Having said that, we have to admit that the most cherished little people with the least experience or qualifications are the ones who drive some of the best ideas and they are the only ones who can really approve. Credit due! 

Thank you James, Alex and all of your friends!

We are passionate about creating toys that enhance the lives of those around them. Our experience in also being parents to toddlers brings the imaginative, practical and essential to the final finely crafted wooden toy.

Making your product

The magic involved in bringing a new BooToo wooden educational toy to life;

It all starts with play; observing the intrigue and the thirst for knowledge and experience that toddlers and children have. We see what really grabs them what needs further exploration and then we set about create those opportunities in our toys.

The industrial design process then leads to the drawing board where concepts of the toys, ride-ons or bikes are sketched up. Considerations for materials or wood types are made and features are added.

The first prototype is made after the CAD drawings have been refined. Prototypes of the toys are played with and tested. More study is done and the findings then go straight into the product development. Throughout the design process the materials and methods of manufacture are considered. A wooden toy is made up of quality natural wood and precision crafting methods. Attention to every detail and process is important during the design.

The design and prototyping process is repeated until the best version of the product is arrived at.

We then make a full production sample to test for quality, safety and any manufacturing or crafting issues.

If eyes are lighting up and faces are smiling, then we know it is time for this toy to be made for you.

Production Values

We use high precision CNC MACHINERY to cut our designs and CHILD SAFE & ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY finishing products that are non-toxic and lead-free.