Wooden Balance Bikes, Educational Toys & Children's Furniture 
Designed & Made in Cape Town

We design and produce educational wooden toys, push bikes and children's furniture. Made in Cape Town, South Africa from sustainable Birch.

Our range of original wooden toys including our light-weight wooden balance bikes, chairs, tables, walkers, rocking horses and educational toys.

How to buy:   

Direct from our workshop 

Online (shop below, scroll down, delivery countrywide) 

Takealot (click the link to see our products). 

Please call: 082443 0673  Email: dan@bootoo.co.za  Visit: 26 Jim Fouche Avenue, Plattekloof 1, Cape Town, South Africa 7500.

Enjoy the highest quality toys in Birch wood. Function & beauty are preserved for years to come. No plastic landfill objects here. 

BooToo products are not only researched and designed to benefit the development of toddlers, they have also been refined with an aesthetic more harmonious with stylish homes.

Think of classic wooden toys designed using the fundamentals of ECD or Early Childhood Development and contemporary aesthetics.

We also design and develop specialized custom equipment to assist occupational therapists with their unique therapies and programs.

Kindergartens & Pre-schools also benefit from our ability to provide custom designs according to their brief.

We are constantly designing new products to be fabricated in our Cape Town studio. 'Like' our Facebook page or Instagram to be informed of our latest designs, specials and news.

We support local business and are glad that you do too. Designing and manufacturing in South Africa builds a full eco-system and develops skills.

We are open to receiving custom design briefs. We develop any idea whether for a once off or a full run of orders.

Efficiency, smart design and good ethics mean that our products (even customized) are affordable and value packed.

We won't claim to be the worlds answer to sustainability (and jump on that bandwagon). We do design products that last, do not become landfill, are not over-packaged, are made from sustainable sources and do not require vast amounts of energy to produce.